How Often Do Trademarks Have To Be Renewed

The Process. After about five to six years you must file post-registration paperwork called a Section 8 declaration to state that the trademark is still active along with a required filing fee. Between the ninth and 10th year you must file both a Section 8 declaration and a separate renewal form.

US Trademark Registration Renewal | How to Renew a Trademark Yes; trademarks should be renewed after six years, after ten years, and every ten years after that. Share to:

In addition to federal protections, most states have … do companies enforce trademark protections once they’re secured? It’s the responsibility of companies to watch the market for infringing uses …

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And even those who do read those advisories ignore them … But the amendments seem to have spurned renewed interest in the regulation. They were adopted after a UC Davis researchers interviewed more …

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You should expect either a Notice of Acceptance and/or Renewal or an Office action within approximately one to two months of filing. After filing, your declaration and/or renewal application will be reviewed by a trademark specialist in the Post Registration Division.

To maintain your U.S. trademark registration, you must Submit a Declaration of Use (also called a Section 8 Filing); this must be done between the 5th and 6th year after your registration was issued, and then again as part of every renewal Renew the registration (also called a section 9 filing);

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